Will you let them die? – Short film by school students questions silence over bullying

A group of students at Delhi Public School, Srinagar, under a mass communication project, produced the short film ‘Will you let them die?’ to raise awareness about harassment of students by fellow students.

Director of the film, Adnan Shah, said that the film was based on consequences of indifferent treatment, particularly in educational institutes, which could lead to disastrous outcomes including suicide.

“Students are labelled as per their appearances or their behaviours, for some are just too studious for the other peer group and some just too different that they are ignored and taunted for it,” said Adnan.

Apart from fictionally depicting the effect of ‘bullying’ on four characters, the film presents some statistics, including one claiming that 15 percent of all school absenteeism was directly related to fears of being bullied and another claiming that 2.82 lac students were physically attacked in secondary schools every month. However, the film does not quote any particular research in support of the claimed figures.