Khyber milk adulteration: Bitter truth or a conspiracy?

Few days back, as I logged in on internet, I got the shocker of the news. It was all beyond my expectation and of most of the resident of Kashmir valley to know about the adulteration of packed milk with detergent.

Had it been about some Tom, Dick, and Harry, it won’t have grabbed my attention much, but when I got to know the involvement of very prestigious company Khyber, it literally pulled soil beneath my feet. I am not in support of any crime or company, nor any individual, and nor am I against any institution who surveyed the whole chain of events, but what leaves a doubt in my mind is whether the owner of the Khyber really knew what was going on right under his nose.

Never would I reject any possibility of well orchestrated conspiracy engineered against the company; but why am I so much in support of this company? Am I paid or am I in relation with it? To be honest, if I am concerned is only because of the neat and clean history the family has in addition to it being very religious and God fearing one.

From providing free treatment to the poor in Khyber hospital to keeping every system transparent, they have been serving the humanity with no greed. How I know all this is because I have been an eye witness to all this and know one person who is getting free treatment.

The million dollar question is how is it possible that the adulteration done to the milk was done by the orders of the owners when they on the other side are serving humanity with great zeal? I am not saying that the milk that was tested didn’t contain detergent, but I am thinking of some deeper conspiracy against this and other companies like Kanwal to depress their business.

We all know Kashmir’s private sector is only few of these companies and they play a pivotal role in strengthening Valley’s economy. I am sure Khyber and Kanwal would sooner come out of this mess and the owners would in a very responsible and honest manner investigate the matter so that in future such events won’t take place. People must keep patience and don’t jump to any vicious conclusions. Rest, God knows the best.

Qayum Hamid Changal