Using severs to drain rain water creates trouble

OPINION – For me, as an engineer at Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA), it was sickening to see people in parts of Srinagar, in particular Professor Colony Naseem Bagh, crying foul about the alleged mismanagement by our authority during heavy rainfall last week. People curse us without knowing the actual reason of defunct sewers.

Sewers are small pipes laid underground to carry household waste water only while as drains are open channels or underground pipes meant to carry the rain or any surface water. Sewage, that is the waste water, is to be treated at sewage treatment plants before it can be disposed off into any water body. On the other hand, the rain water does not need any such treatment.

People, out of ignorance, are putting in all kinds of water into the sewers. The heavy rain water entering these small pipes cannot get carried forward because of limited carrying capacity and therefore overflows at manholes or backflows to inlets.

LAWDA had created some sewerage networks around Dal and Nigeen but due to diversion of heavy rain water into these sewers they are bound to malfunction. The people in general must desist from connecting rain water into sewers or blocking them by putting into sewers or manholes any solid waste or polythene bags, otherwise the system cannot function normally.

The above opinion piece is shared by an official of Lakes and Waterways Development Authority