Social stigma on entrepreneurship in Kashmir

Amaan Imtiyaz

Kashmir is on the heights of new concept and ideas generation, and now tends to believe that entrepreneurship could rule out unemployment. The concept of entrepreneurship is not only minting money, but to provide service for betterment of the society. Hence, if the needs of the community are well catered, the business gets going. There are more reasons of successful start-ups but what I mentioned above is one of the fundamentals.

In our society, most of the people are in variation to the solution which they are seeking for unemployment, including the paradigm that if you are highly educated, you will get a job, a good position and so on. I throw you a couple of examples. During my upbringing, my parents have been telling me that I have to get a job but they fail to let me focus on development of skills that are required for the job. I met a shopkeeper who enquired about me, asked what I was doing and how I got into an engineering college. I said I gave an entrance examination and I got admission into an engineering college. Then his sudden question was; would I then get a job? Well, I believe it depends on the student.

I must tell you it depends on the student how he is prepared to engage himself in the practical world through his skills. It is not necessary that a person with certain skill be obliged to get a relevant job. It depends on his own goals and priorities. Some like to work under some corporate, government or organizational culture, while some like to work independently.

Being a Computer Science Engineering student, I once told one of my close relatives that I may go into entrepreneurship after I learn the business aspect of software industry. His reply was shocking. ‘If you have to do business then why are you studying?’ he asked. I study to acquire knowledge and I practice to develop my skills in my particular field. That is enough of an explanation.

In my college, in fact within my classmates, many want to have job but most of them have not even specified what field they have to focus in Computer Science. It is very important to be focused in a particular field. Taking example of my field, I want to be a Software Engineer, but Computer Science has three main subjects to focus on including hardware, networking and software. And as of now I have decided that if I have to be a genuine software engineer. I am in a bottomless well, but at least I know where I am. It recalls me of a famous quote, “It’s hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going”.

So what I am trying to establish here is that one has to focus on establishing an aim which, in case of entrepreneurship, is a start of a business. Aim is the most important aspect which has led many successful entrepreneurs around the world and in Kashmir too. It gives us focus on the things which we have to gather to build our business. Some of the things about aim are that if, for example, you want to build a college with the aim to make money, its is not enough; it has to be motivated behind, the aim to build your society strong by giving them this college. And some do it not for the purpose for the society but they have their way to make it up.

As we have gathered that we need to have a goal, aim and to identify the need, filling the capacity of these three things is important. Once we gather these things then handwork comes into play, we gather the research we need, we establish the pros and cons for the business, we take risks into financial matters, we gather the funds from the various institutions, we travel a lot and some time we think that we are lucky and which is because we have been too focused. Motivation always keeps us positive so we look forward because we know we will succeed and we do.

(Amaan Imtiyaz is a student of Computer Science Engineering and founder of Avvncor Initiates)