SRINAGAR: Outgoing call service on prepaid mobiles and all mobile internet services continued to remain snapped in Kashmir valley for 84th consecutive day on Saturday. The services were snapped nearly four hours after rebel commander Burhan Wani’s killing on July 8.

Since mobile telecommunication services started in Kashmir, it is the first time they have been non-functional – completely or partially – for such a long period.

Srinagar-based news agency Current News Service quoted an unnamed ‘senior leader’ of ruling Peoples Democratic Party saying the state police was to decide the revocation of internet and outgoing call services as the police was directly involve in the law and order situation.

“If I would have been in command, I would have restored the services because I don’t take mobile internet service any threat to the peace. There are people like me in the party who are against this cellular ban as they believe such tactics only alienate people and prove counterproductive in the long run,” the leader said.

The agency quoted an unnamed ‘senior official’ saying the mobile internet service would be restored only after the situation normalizes. “At present the situation is not conducive for resuming the mobile internet services as there are apprehensions that rumours at this stage may worsen the situation. Different government agencies have no proper and effective mechanism to keep a check on ‘rumour mongering’ through social media,” he said.