Blood is sacred, loss of human lives a serious concern: Geelani

SRINAGAR: Senior separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani on Monday said the loss of human lives is a serious concern for every noble soul and he does not derive pleasure from human sufferings.

Commenting over the Uri attack, in which 18 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed, Geelani said, “we as human beings feel pain and with sincere heart believe to promote universal brotherhood.”

Geelani said there is no difference between humans and the blood is sacred whosoever it is, but the question arises why a deal of double dealing is followed.

“We never derive pleasure from human sufferings, and the forces personnel that lost their lives were humans,” Geelani said.

“It is irony that Indian politicians without applying their reason jumped to conclusion, and an ambiance and euphoric of war like situation was created and people were instigated and infused with illogical theories against neighbouring country Pakistan.”

Slamming Indian media for its “bias reporting and irrational reviews,” Geelani said that they added fuel to already volatile situation.

Geelani said that the reaction is natural but “we need to maintain sense and balance while giving vent to our emotions.”

Geelani called all these leaders to follow set of scales of mind and asked that they need to be realistic in such volatile situations. “It is highly deplorable that all these leaders are following their sentiments and there is a need to come out from this cocoon thinking and they should to shun their dubious and double standard.”

“All those making hue and cry over Uri episode that they should come with answer that why they feel the blood of youth in Kashmir is so cheap and why don’t they feel the pain and agonies the people in Kashmir face,” Geelani asked.