Hurriyat never received invite for talks: ‘Rajnath’s press conference full of lies’

SRINAGAR: The separatist group Hurriyat Conference on Monday said the press conference of Indian Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, was “full of lies, deceit, denial and contradictions.”

The group said they were never officially invited its leaders and, at the same time, blamed them of rejecting the invitation for dialogue. “It is not only shameful but speaks volumes about their truthfulness, sincerity and clarity,” Hurriyat said in a statement.

“They tried to play a game of win only for them as they just wanted to discredit us as whether we accept their offer of dialogue which never came or we ignore their casual personal gestures,” Hurriyat said.

The group further said that India was “scared of any meaningful dialogue” with Hurriyat and Pakistan, as they have “occupied this land illegally and forcefully by their military might using repeated lies and unabated surplus violence.”

“We don’t need lectures and sermons on democracy and humanity from those killers whose hands are drenched in the blood of our innocent people,” the group said. “The visiting delegations should have gone around the length and breadth of Jammu and Kashmir to witness themselves the ‘gifts’ of Indian democracy by their killer forces for the last so many decades.”

Hurriyat alleged that the sole intention of the delegation was to “act as fire fighting just to derail and fizzle the current movement out through these age old tactics, as they have been doing whenever Kashmiris stood up for their basic rights.”