World powers maintain criminal silence over Kashmir issue for economic interest: Yasin Malik

SRINAGAR: Senior resistance leader Muhammad Yasin Malik on Sunday accused the ‘world powers’ of maintaining ‘criminal silence’ over long pending Kashmir dispute, which, he said, would not allow economic development and peace in entire south Asia.

Malik was addressing a gathering of people at Koreg area in Ganderbal district. Pertinently, authorities allowed him to address a public rally after a long time today.

He said that the whole world knew that Kashmir issue was a ‘dangerous issue’ and a constant threat to peace, prosperity and stability of the south Asian region. “But world powers for their trade and economical benefits and interest with India seem to maintain criminal silence,” he said.

Malik said that policies of ‘world powers’ were only based on “power, economy and trade” while they continued to “adopt unfair foreign policies” for their personal gains and economic benefits. “These unfair, unbalanced and changing policies of the world powers have brought this world to the brink of disaster today and have confounded the world order completely,” he said.

The resistance leader appealed the international community to change their policies and start efforts to resolve the issues that were posing threat to the world peace. “Without solving issues like Kashmir that are posing a threat to world peace and stability even economic development will also remain a daydream,” said Malik.

He said that rest of the world should know that without permanent peace and stability, trade and economy would also keep suffering. Stressing upon the need of resolving Kashmir issue, Malik said that only could guarantee permanent peace and prosperity of the whole south Asian region.

The resistance leader also said that ruling government in Jammu and Kashmir was unleashing “reign of terror” against peaceful youth in Kashmir, which forced people to resort to armed struggle. “Rulers, by repeating same oppressive measures, are pushing youth to the wall and hence promoting violence,” he said.