SRINAGAR: Facebook page of a Kashmir-based news website was temporarily blocked on Friday, a day after the website published a statement of Kashmir’s foremost rebel commander Sayeed Salahudeen.

JandK Headlines is among a few prominent and long-sustained news websites, and has over 700,000 followers on Facebook.


The administrator of its Facebook page said he could not post anything from his page and personal profile since early Friday morning. A notification claimed that a post was removed because “it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

The website carried a public statement of Pakistan-based Salahudeen, who heads the armed insurgency in Kashmir, on October 13. The statement was issued to a Srinagar-based news agency that circulated it among hundreds of newspapers and websites like this.


When the administrator tries to make a public post on the page, another notification pops up. “You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature.”

However, the same news is published on various newspapers, their websites, independent news websites and some Facebook pages.

Pertinently, since the ongoing civil uprising began in Indian-administered Kashmir in July this year, many Facebook users, particularly those with large following, claimed that their posts were mysteriously being removed without a trace. Most of them accused the government of pressurizing Facebook for removing the posts that went against the government’s interests.

Moreover, leading newspaper Kashmir Reader was directed to stop publishing from October 2. An order by the Srinagar District Magistrate said its content could ‘incite violence’. The staffers, along with some veteran journalists of Kashmir, have since been staging peaceful protest demonstrations in Srinagar, but the ban still continues.