Hizb releases 10-min video: ‘We are not terrorists, but torchbearers of humanity’

SRINAGAR: Armed separatist group Hizbul Mujahideen released a video statement on Monday evening in which its member – identified by the group as Riyaz Naik – talked about slain commander Burhan Wani, people’s support, migrant Kashmiri Pandits, police recruitment, and the group’s commitment to fight for Kashmir’s freedom.

In the nearly 11-minute-long video, anonymously e-mailed to JandK Now, Naik pays tributes to Burhan Wani, popular Hizbul commander whose killing on July 8 led to the biggest civil uprising in six years. “Don’t be sad over his martyrdom. Believers don’t grieve over martyrdom, they aspire for it. We are proud of his martyrdom. It has brought the struggle of freedom to such a stage that we had never imagined,” Naik says.

Militants not terrorists

The speaker says the armed separatists are not terrorists but “mujahideen” (fighters). “His (Burhan’s) martyrdom has proved to the world, especially India, that we are not terrorists, we are true mujahideen and are fighting hard for right to self-determination which is our innate and fundamental right.”

Later in the video, the speaker says, “We are not terrorists; We are the torchbearers of humanity. But we are ready to take away the life of anybody for our right and protection, and are also ready to lay down our lives for same as well.”

Burhan’s funeral vs Sayeed’s funeral

“We want to ask India that if Burhan Wani was a terrorist, then why did India, which claims to be a democratic country, imposed restrictions on social media on killing of a terrorist,” says Naik. “If Burhan Wani was a terrorist, why did 5 lakh people participate in his funeral, while not more than 1000 people participated in the funeral of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, whom India believed to be Kashmir’s Chief Minister. If Burhan Wani was a terrorist, then why did people of Kashmir come on roads and why did hundreds of young men offered their lives.”

Ban on ‘social media’

“India wants to suppress our voice by imposing strict ban on social media and does not allow our voice to reach different countries of the world,” says Naik. “Imposing restrictions on social media and showering bullets on people makes it clear as to who is a terrorist.”

“Every child here is Burhan Wani. How long will India mislead the world by killing Burhan Wanis, imposing restrictions on social media and making false statements,” the speaker asked.

Pramod Kumar’s killing

“India thought that they martyred Burhan Wani and perhaps now they will live with peace. This is their misunderstanding. We will not let India live with peace until it leaves from here (Kashmir), and we will send Indian forces packed in trunks (coffins) similarly like we recently, on August 15, sent [CRPF] commander Pramod Kumar.”

Speaking about the militant attack on paramilitary forces in Nowhatta area of downtown Srinagar on August 15, in which the paramilitary commander and two militants were killed, Naik says, “We are saddened to listen to the statement of his 6-year-old child. When she said she loved her father the most, it brought tears to my eyes. We sympathise with her.”

“We do not want to see any child getting orphaned, but India has forced us to take up guns by its forced occupation. We did not go to kill her father at his home, but her father came here to make our children become orphans, deprive us of our rights and impose forced occupation on us,” says Naik. “I want to tell her mother to come to Kashmir and see how many children have become orphans and how many mothers have become widows by the hands of the Indian forces.”

The fight will continue

The speakers says it is the ‘misfortune’ of the Indian people and a ‘test’ for the Kashmiri people that Kashmir is under the ‘forced occupation’ of India. “India has to get destroyed and Kashmir issue would be its cause.”

“Even if India spends all its resources on Kashmir, still we would not forget the blood of martyrs,” he says. “Neither we have accepted India as our country, nor we will accept it. This was proved by 2008, 2010 and 2016 agitation.”

Kashmiri Pandits

Speaking about the migrant Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus), Naik says they were not forced out of Kashmir by militants but it was a conspiracy of the then governor, Jagmohan. “Now we want to ask those Kashmiri Pandit brothers, who left their own nation in 90s and settled in different parts of India, to prove which mujahid forced them out of Kashmir.”

“It was Jagmohan’s conspiracy to take them out of Kashmir and it was his plan to kill Kashmiri Muslims like the Muslims of Amritsar, and settle back Kashmiri Pandits,” Naik says.

“If they want to come back, we will welcome them warmly and there is always a place for them in our hearts,” he says, “They are a part of our nation, we are their guardians, we are not their enemies.”

“India wants to weaken our freedom struggle by playing different conspiracies, which we will not allow,” Naik says, and asks, “Who forced to leave or killed those Pandit and Sikh brother who are staying here?”

Police recruitment

Speaking about the recently advertised 10,000 posts of Special Police Officers, Naik says, “It is a conspiracy by which India wants to weaken our freedom struggle by making us fight with each others. Neither India has any concern about our youth’s employment, nor does it need our youth.”

“It is the same India which martyred lakhs of our youth, made thousands of our youth lose their eyesight, and dishonoured our women,” says Naik. “We will not forget these sacrifices and will not allow anyone to betray the sacrifices.”

“Whosoever gets inducted in the SPO post, he should be ready to face the consequences,” Naik says. “We appeal police to sit back at their homes like employees of other departments are sitting back at home. The policeman who keeps performing his duty, his fate will be nothing else than death.”