Zee News calls Kashmir “Indian Occupied”: A copy-paste blooper

It’s perhaps for the first time in the recent history that Zee News, a popular Indian news television channel, termed the Kashmir valley as “Indian Occupied Kashmir”. What’s more interesting is that the channel apparently copied content from another news report without applying the mind, which led to the embarrassing error.

“Shockingly, people in Indian occupied Kashmir were seen bursting crackers to celebrate Pakistan’s win.”

“Shockingly, people in Indian occupied Kashmir were seen bursting crackers to celebrate Pakistan’s win,” Zee News wrote in a news report published on its website on the evening of June 19, Monday, a day after Pakistan’s cricket team won ICC Champions Trophy final defeating India by 180 runs.

The story, written by ‘Zee Media Bureau’ reported that the youth in Kashmir celebrated India’s defeat in the final match of the tournament.

Zee News is known for its nationalist reporting and strong criticism of Kashmir’s freedom movement. It’s also known for its partisan support towards the ruling Indian government and the Indian Army.

The same sentence is apparently copied from a foreign website, whose report that included this sentence was published before Zee News published its report.

Pertinently, Subhash Chandra, Chairman of Essel Group—parent organisation of Zee News—tweeted on June 4 that the media network won’t provide any coverage of the India-Pakistan match in support of the armed forces of India.

“None of the portals, apps, newspaper, and news channels will report about the match in support of our armed forces,” said Chandra.

“Rather we will show the stories of actual heroes who will be fighting for us even when our cricket team will be playing with enemy. Let’s tell our Army that the people for whom they risk their life are more interested in supporting them than cheering for cricket match. We can’t be selective in our patriotism where at one end we outrage over Pak actors in our movies and at other hand we play cricket.”

In its report, Zee News further wrote: “Post conclusion of the match, several video footages surfaced showing fans in Pakistan flooding the streets draped in their national green and white flag in celebration on Sunday after their national team trounced arch-foe India in the Champions Trophy final.”

“Fireworks and jubilatory volleys of gunfire echoed around major cities as traffic ground to a halt, and young men danced to the beat of drums following their team’s 180-run victory in the match at The Oval in London.”