Police record video of vehicles crossing red signal, book them with proof

Traffic police officer stops paramilitary CRPF vehicle for crossing traffic signal | Photo: JandK Now

SRINAGAR: Although there were no permanent observation cameras installed with traffic signals in Srinagar, but the traffic police department started using handheld video cameras to record vehicles crossing red signals and book them under law with proof.

The department carried out a similar exercise at Baghat chowk in uptown Srinagar on Saturday. A traffic police officer operated a small-size video camera to record vehicular movement across traffic signal.

As soon as any vehicle crossed the red signal, the officers across the crossing, near police station Sadder, stopped them and booked them under law. The drivers were mostly fined on spot and driving license or vehicle registration certificate of a few was seized. However, those who denied having crossed the red signal, were shown the recorded video, leaving them speechless.

Driver of a mini-truck of paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force was also fined for crossing the red signal.