Our daughter was defamed, we want her dignity back, says Handwara girl’s mother

SRINAGAR: Mother of the schoolgirl, who an army man allegedly tried to molest in Handwara town on April 12, on Saturday said that police and army had defamed the ‘innocent girl’ by releasing her video and the family would not trust any probe done by police or army.

“Our daughter was defamed. We want her dignity back. How can we leave our homes in this condition?” she said in a video released by the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society this evening, after police disallowed journalists to attend a press conference that she was supposed to address this morning.

She claimed that her daughter was made to record a statement on video ‘under pressure’ by the police and army. “She was alone while that statement was recorded and she was pressurized by police to give that statement. Her face was kept open while recording that statement and it was distributed to TV channels and other media,” she said.

Her mother has now approached court and demanded a judicial inquiry into the incident. She said, “We have approached the court and demand an independent inquiry into the incident. We do not want police or Army – those who have done this – to inquire it. How can they investigate it when they have murdered the people?”

Narrating the incident that led to protests and clashes in Handwara town, she said, “After her school ended for the day, she went to toilet and suddenly saw an army man standing. She shouted and attracted attention of nearby shopkeepers. The army man ran away and police came and took her to police station,” she said.

“The youth pelted stones on army bunker as they could not tolerate the incident, but army opened fire and martyred the young men,” she said. “I grieve over their death, they were also my children.”

She said that the police did not inform the family when they took her to the police station. “They called us at midnight and asked us to take her back, but when my husband and sister reached the police station, they were also detained,” she said. “Since then I have not been allowed to meet them.”