Clashes erupt at NIT Srinagar after celebrations over India’s defeat

File Image - Clashes between local and non-local students at NIT on April 1

SRINAGAR: Clashes erupted between local and non-local students at reputed National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Srinagar on Friday after local students celebrated India’s defeat in cricket match with West Indies on late Friday evening. The Institute has been closed.

The Kashmiri students assembled in the campus lawns soon after the semi-final match of World Twenty-20 ended last evening. They burst celebratory firecrackers and raised anti-India slogans inside the campus, which annoyed the non-local students. However, reliable sources said the non-local students have resorted to similar celebrations inside the campus multi times earlier after Pakistan cricket team lost any match.

Tension started in the institute campus this morning after non-local students staged a protest demonstration to demand security from the local students.

However, soon after Friday’s congregational prayer, non-local students, who were hundreds in number, assembled in the campus lawns and raised pro-India and anti-Pakistan slogans. This made the local students furious and they assembled to raise anti-India and pro-Pakistan slogans.

According to reliable sources, the non-local students displayed the Indian flag, made rounds of the campus and damaged windowpanes of classrooms. In revenge, the Kashmiri students displayed a green flag.

The opposing groups then countered each other with slogans and later clashed, forcing the institute authorities to call police. The situation was under control until non-local students hurled a stone towards the other side. It prompted police who fired tear smoke shells and resorted to cane-charge to disperse the angry students.

Some students were injured and rushed to hospitals. However, the exact number of injured students could not be confirmed.

The institute was forced order temporary closure to prevent the situation from aggravating more. Registrar, FA Mir, issued a notice later directing students to vacate their hostel rooms. “In view of the prevailing indiscipline created by the students from today the 1st of April, 2016, the Institute is closed till further orders. Students are therefore to vacate the hostels,” the notice read.

“The decision has been taken due to the denial by the students to maintain discipline even after repeated requests by the Institute as well as local administration,” the notice read.