Dal Lake bleeds red: Lake loosing glory amid Kashmir unrest

SRINAGAR: In wake of current unrest and the inaction from the state government the water pollution is rapidly increasing in water bodies of Jammu and Kashmir, including the picturesque Dal Lake, bringing them to the verge of extinction. The situation poses a serious threat to the world famed water bodies of Kashmir.

“Not talking of illegal constructions that are going on unabated, the LAWDA (Lakes And Waterways Development Authority) has miserably failed to take care of the precious water bodies including Dal Lake,” a group of people, who live near Dal Gate, said.

“The changes in the biodiversity where under the bacterial population has increased tremendously particularly in the house boat areas and near Boulevard and Gagribal due to inadequate sanitary system, poor land practices in the nearby vegetable gardens coupled with direct discharge of grey waters,” they said.

“The money allocated for de-weeding machines to remove the excess weeds from the lake and water-sewage treatment plants has been squandered or is totally ineffective,” they added.

“If measures are not taken to restore the pristine glory of Dal, it will certain kick the bellies of a number of fishermen, who are dependent on the lake’s resources,” they said.

Experts have expressed serious concern over this environmental crisis. Abdul Majeed Kak, a scientist at the Islamic University of Science and Technology, said that disposal of sewage from Srinagar’s million-plus inhabitants was the reason behind the deteriorating situation in Dal Lake.

The reluctance and inaction from LAWDA, which is responsible for cleaning the lakes, has disappointed environmentalists and the common conscious people. “It is horrible and gives me pain when I look at the dirty waters of Dal these days. Instead of restoring the glory of Dal and bring it back to its original shape, people at the helm of affairs are busy in filling up the coffers caring a fig for Kashmir,” said a pedestrian.

When contacted, a LAWDA official said they could not start the de-weeding process as the situation was not conducive.