Tourists find cockroach in biryani, stinky kitchen at Hattrick restaurant

Neyaz Elahi

SRINAGAR – A group of tourists from Indian state of Maharashtra on Wednesday claimed to have found a cockroach in their food at Hattrick Restaurant located outside Kashmir University campus at Hazratbal area of Srinagar city.

A social activist Dr Mushtaq informed CNS that a group of ten doctors from Mumbai arrived few days back in Kashmir as his guest. “After visiting Kashmir University on Wednesday, the group asked me to take them to a hotel where they can enjoy standard food. They preferred Hattrick Restaurant where, to their surprise and shock, they found a cockroach in the Biryani,” he said.

Hattrick restaurant - 2

One of the tourists, Vipul Sompura said that soon after the incident, they entered into the kitchen of the Restaurant and found it totally ‘unhygienic’. “We photographed the kitchen and were shocked to find it totally unhygienic. The cook, hailing from Kolkata, I think never bothers to clean the utensils. The narrow kitchen stinks there,” he said.

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Another tourist said that after detecting cockroach, when they informed the waiter and manager of the Restaurant, they gave a “loose and normal reaction” that the tourists felt it is common here. “We are shocked how these restaurants are allowed to operate. The authorities need to inspect the condition of every kitchen of the hotel here. Such people should be booked for playing with the health and life of the people,” he said.

When contacted the owner of the Restaurant said that he will look into the matter. CNS