ASI, not constable killed my son: Suhail’s father

SRINAGAR – As thousands of people mourned the death of Suhail Sofi, who was killed in police firing at Narbal on Saturday, his father claimed that it was Assistant Sub-Inspector Manzoor who killed his son.

“My son slept for sometime after Fajar prayers. After putting on his school uniform, he left home. Outside, ASI Manzoor caught him and slapped him without any provocation. The locals int he area resented action of Manzoor and succumbing pressure he free him but in a fir of rage, Manzoor took his rifle and shot my son from the back,” CNS quoted Abdul Ahad Sofi has having said.

He said that accused, alias Manzoor Kaala, is a well known figure in the vicinity and this “corrupt and killer cop thinks that he is the ruler of the area. Why you are blaming constable only for the act when it is a known fact that it was Manzoor Kaala who killed my son,” Sofi said.

He said that his son was efficient and intelligent which could be ‘checked’ from his school records. “Suhail was the only hope for me. I have four daughters and I am shattered,” he said adding, “cops who think they rule the roost should be hanged and put to death in full public glare.”

Abdul Ahad Sofi said that it was shocking for him to hear that CRPF personnel killed his son. “It was not CRPF but our own local police who killed my son. These ‘drunkard’ cops should be hanged without any mercy. If the government will release and reinstate the ‘killer’ ASI Manzoor Kaala we will come on roads and will appeal to every Kashmiri to expose the shoddy dealings of the present government,” he said.

Replying to a question, he said that Suhail was the third victim in their family. “In 2008, we lost Rafiq Ahmed in Army firing and in 2010 we lost Muhammad Omar in police firing,” Sofi said adding that people were shocked when these local policemen fired teargas shells on the mourners on SaturdayCNS