Girl flees from hospital after delivering baby in Srinagar

SRINAGAR – In a shocking incident, a young girl went missing from the JVC Hospital here after giving birth to a newborn on Tuesday. Confirming the incident, the Medical Superintendent said that they have taken up the matter with the city police.

Sources informed CNS that on Monday evening a young female student suffering from labour pain along with four youth appeared in the Jehlum Valley College Hospital Bemina Srinagar. She was admitted in the labour room where she spent whole night and on Tuesday morning she delivered a male baby.

The young girl and the youths who accompanied her, in a bid to keep their identity secret, provided wrong address and mobile numbers to hospital authorities. “The pregnant lady introduced herself as Bhat Sameena from Narbal area which all proved phony,” said a doctor.

Medical Superintendent Dr Ajaz Baba said that there is no system wherein a doctor can check the identity card of a patient or attendant in the hospital.

“It was a normal delivery. The girl along with her friends or relatives, whosover they were, went to bathroom and never returned back, leaving behind male baby in the ward number 7 of the hospital,” Dr Baba said but added that the female soon after emerging in the hospital had claimed that she was 24.

A hospital security guard said that the three to four youth accompanying her visited hospital several times. “Wearing jeans with modern hair cuts, they arrived in hospital in a luxury vehicle enough to indicate they all were from well off families,” he said.

Dr Ajaz Baba said that the male baby is in child room and after completing all the legal procedures they will handover it to the District Magistrate Srinagar. “It is a shocking incident for. We have informed the police to identify and nab them,” he said.

When asked why he did not inform police when no elder person was accompanying the pregnant girl, he said, “no, a mature person was also with her.”

A police official, who wished not to be named, told CNS that fault lies with the hospital authorities. “The girl had failed to provide exact history of her pregnancy to a PG student in the hospital and yet the hospital authorities did not inform the police. We are thoroughly investigating the matter and whosoever has aided the girl will face the music,” he said, adding that it was impossible for a new mother to escape from the hospital. Neyaz Elahi, CNS