Government squad inspects coaching centres in Srinagar

Srinagar: A special squad of senior officers of Directorate of School Education (Kashmir) on Friday carried surprise inspection of some coaching centres in uptown area of Srinagar city that revealed the ‘exploitative’ and ‘shady business’ run by them.

Government sources said that the inspection was carried out in order to address the complaints of students and parents regarding exploitations by many such centres. “The team interviewed the students just outside the coaching centres to get an on the spot feedback about the quality of education and various facilities available in these centres”, they said.

In order to cross check the availability of various facilities, as claimed by the management of the centres through advertisements, the team inspected the classrooms and administration. Reports revealed that the coaching centres are charging hefty sum of money from students for coaching of three subjects, sources said.

The team also found true the complaints about teaching large number of students in a single room. “It took serious notice of some coaching centres that had over two hundred students in one single room”, sources in Government said adding that one of the centre was seen using microphone for teaching large group of students.

“In most of the coaching centres, the inspection team found that there was no proper heating arrangement and the students despite having paid huge sums were found shivering with cold in early morning hours”, the sources said.

However, some coaching centres were seen functioning normally under rules and guidelines.

Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand has taken strong note of the exploitative and shady business run by these centres. He advised the competent authority to go strictly by the standing norms. The inspections shall continue vigorously in the larger interest of student community and the society.

Meanwhile, the students and the parents hailed this endeavor of the government and hoped that the Directorate shall help them to get genuine education from these coaching centres and save them from exploitation.