Modi’s regard towards minorities not friendly: Geelani

SRINAGAR – Senior pro-freedom leader Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday denounced the ‘Kashmir policy’ of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regard with respect to minorities was not friendly.

“Keeping in view his policy and approach it depicts that his record and regard with respect to minority is not friendly,” Geelani said in a statement. “During his tenure as Chief Minister in Gujarat more than three thousand members from Muslim community were brutally killed and many burnt to death, properties looted and set to fire.”

Geelani accused Narendra Modi of being a “staunch” of of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and BJP. He said Modi propagates the fundamentals propounded by RSS. “Their anti-Muslim stance and objectives are no more hidden and their main objective is to make India a Hindu state,” Geelani said.

“After taking the seat of power at Delhi they have changed their strategy, charged situation with their fanatic ideology and have adopted power politics to fulfil their agenda. They do not follow a fair policy with respect to Kashmir, instead are hell-bent to exploit its might and suppressive policy against people of Kashmir,” Geelani said.

He said that people were at liberty whether to cast vote or stay away from all this ‘drama’ but authorities strangulated the voices of resistant camp and with the dent of might arrested all pro-freedom leaders and other activists and thereby it justifies there stand that they should boycott the forthcoming elections.