Majority of separatists leaders want to be with India, says Ram Jeth Malani

SRINAGAR – Expelled member from BJP and Convener Kashmir Committee, Ram Jeth Malani Saturday claimed that most of the Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir, with whom he is in constant touch want to be part of India. “Kashmir Committee is constant touch with Separatist leaders of Kashmir. Please do not call them separatists, as all of them are not pro-Pakistani. Majority of them (separatists) want being with India,” Malani told reporters at a press conference in Srinagar on Saturday.

Claiming that the plebiscite was not a feasible solution for Jammu and Kashmir problem, Ram Jeth Malani said that the state has already got Article 370 which makes it distinct from other states of India. “Let ‘extremists’ in Kashmir not talk of cession with India and the extremists in India will stop talking about repealing of Article 370. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a senior Cabinet Minister (Dr Jitendra) a tongue lash when soon after assuming charge the Minister talked of repealing Article 370,” he said adding that Kashmir Committee assures the people of the state that Article 370 will not be touched provided they don’t talk about cession with India.

Equating Article 370 with the Plebiscite, Malani said that Kashmir is already ‘distinct and independent’ as it has its own constitution framed by its own Constituent Assembly.

Malani added that Kashmir Committee wants to see Kashmir as it was at the time of framing its Constitution by its own Constituent Assembly.

He said that Kashmir has always kept India and Pakistan apart. Blaming Pakistan for changing the demography of its administered Kashmir, Malani said that India always kept its promise and did not change the demography of its controlled Kashmir. “There is reference about plebiscite in United Nations but the terms and conditions that UN resolution laid for plebiscite have all been violated by Pakistan. Plebiscite slogan has become redundant as Pakistan never demilitarized its controlled Kashmir while as in 1965 it signed Tashkand agreement with India which talks about maintaining of status-quo,” he said.

Hailing former president of Pakistan Parvez Musharaf for his ‘sincere’ effort in getting the Kashmir issue resolved, Ram Jeth Malani said that Musharaf came to India with honest intent but some elements in India played spoilsport and did not like his proposal. “It is a wonderful document which should be the basis for a permanent solution of Kashmir. I have no difficulty in confessing that his efforts were frustrated by India and not Pakistan. In a bid to resolve Kashmir issue once for all, Musharaf had prepared a wonderful and viable document. The crux of the document was that secular democracy should prevail in both parts of Kashmir and both the governments of India and Pakistan should constitute an informal body to ensure that people living in both parts of Kashmir are not exploited as happens under a colonial rule,” he said adding that war, terrorism and use of force can’t solve the problem of Kashmir.