Telecom services yet to restore fully in flood-hit Kashmir

Srinagar: The devastating deluge is over and yet even after a month cellular companies in Kashmir especially state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and Bharti Airtel have miserable failed to restore the normal connectivity and broadband services in Srinagar city.

Airtel, according to reports, does not function at all in major parts of the city. The connectivity is so weak that most of the time the mobile phones show no signal. Hundreds of Airtel subscribers from various localities In Srinagar are continuously complaining of ‘poor mobile services’.

BSNL and Airtel broadband subscribers from different parts of Srinagar city said that from September that these cellular companies have failed to provide them normal services. They said that not a single official from these companies are informing subscribers how much time it will take to get their networks restored.

A BSNL subscriber Firdous Ahmed from Jawahar Nagar said that what troubles more is that there “is no one to pay heed to our grievances.” The angry subscribers said the service of BSNL and Airtel have been going from worse with every passing day.

Reports said that across Srinagar city poor connectivity, call drops, weak signal and other irritants have become perennial problems with BSNL and Airtel service. Subscribers rued that they are suffering because there is lack of accountability in the department.

“Airtel Company extracts money from us for poor service. The apathy is that company employees don’t take care of subscribers unlike the other private cellular companies because they think they are the best,” an angry subscriber whose mobile shows no signal soon after reaching his residence said. (CNS)