Kashmir gets exclusive matrimonial website with distinct features

Srinagar: At the time when numerous internet based matrimonial services have flooded Indian market, Kashmir has its own share but with a genuine difference. A website called KashmirNikah.com claims to be the first of its kind in Kashmir by highlighting its unique feature that allows users to display their profile with matrimonial intend and at the same time prevent other users from accessing their personal information. However, it can be shared with any particular user(s) if the person himself wishes to disclose the same.

According to the website managers, the concept of prioritizing privacy of registered users developed following extensive market research wherein it was understood that this aspect of match-making was one of the biggest concerns in Kashmiri society pertaining to online matrimonial services. “Firstly, only registered users can see the detailed profiles of each other, not any random visitor to our site. There are features in the user account, which will enable them to have complete control over the privacy of their photos, full name, contact details etc,” the website management says adding that until a person dost not himself/herself want to share these detail to someone they are interested in, they can remain completely anonymous

Another concern that was brought up during their market research was the authenticity of the registered profiles, which has also been catered by this website. The website claims to cross-check the basic details of a profile against an identity proof that the user requires to upload when creating the profile. The website managers also make a verification call whenever a new profile is registered, they claim.

The website allows any person from Kashmir to register a profile irrespective of whether the person currently resides in Kashmir or not. “Registration form is uniquely designed to collect that information from users which are of high relevance in Kashmiri culture with regard to match making”, the website mentions.

In response to a crucial question that how this internet based service is better than the traditional match-making, one of the website managers said, “It happens to be time consuming, costly and a hectic affair. Besides, for many of us, involvement of a stranger is not convenient enough. Moreover, one gets few options to choose from.” He added that the misunderstanding or distortion of facts about the bride or the groom is minimized when no third person is involved in the process of match-making.