NC will weather prevailing situation and steer with flying colours: State Vice President

Jammu: Days after massive debacle of the ruling National Conference in the recently held Lok Sabha elections, its State Vice President – Rattan Lal Gupta – said that the ‘importance and the significance’ of the party cannot be overlooked despite it being in an ‘introspection’ mode. Gupta said that the party believes in good governance and satisfying urges and aspirations of the people from all the three regions of the State.

Gupta said that the party would convert the setback in elections as a strength and will work for the ‘betterment and upliftment’ of the people. He also described his party as a “force of reckon”. He said that the party will rebound with a renewed vigour and confidence to maintain its premier role in State politics.

“National Conference is a movement and those undermining its political stature demonstrate their lack of understanding and political vision”, Gupta said in a statement, adding that the party has braved adverse situations with courage and fortitude at the strength of peoples’ support.

He said National Conference will weather the prevailing situation and steer out with flying colours to play its premier role in serving the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. “The party has a shinning record of public service since its inception and the generations of this State are aware about the crucial and pioneering role played by Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah in seeking a dignified and prosperous life for the people belonging to all segments of society and regions of the state, irrespective of caste, creed and colour’, the Vice President maintained.