Doctors accuse PSC of double standards over selection of medical officers

Medical graduates who have studied outside India have accused the Public Service Commission in Jammu and Kashmir of ‘double standard’ approach while selecting medical officers in the State. They said that proper rules were not followed during the selection process.

The Commission had advertised over seven hundreds posts in December last, the result of which was declared on Tuesday following screening and interview process of the aspirants. However, the rules followed by the authorities have ‘surprised’ hundreds of aspirants who had obtained their degrees from some foreign countries.

A group of doctors said that the Commission preferred students who had obtained their degrees from Iran, China, and Bangladesh on the pretext that their syllabus matches with Indian syllabus. “I secured 90 percent marks in Russia, but my percentage was deducted and treated equivalent to 60 percent only which is injustice towards me”, a local news agency quoted Dr. Owais as having said. Other doctors expressed similar views.

Chairman of the Public Service Commission, S. L. Bhat, said that a definite formula was adopted for the selection process. He said that the fact could not be denied that the syllabus of India is identical with that of China, Pakistan, Iran, and Bangladesh and on this basis weightage was given to those students who had attained degrees from these countries.