To carry a home (poem for Kashmiri Pandits)

When you left me,
there was a curfew  
for a thousand days;
A thousand streets were banned;
A thousand Hells Ablaze.
“Why would you let go?”
When a house you pocketed
in a red coloured bag; facing your back,
You carried a country through centuries;
in ‘This one last look, One last gaze’.
“Is there anything left to let go of tonight.”?
Every lonely house now cries:
“Wasn’t I too
his ‘Nasheman’
her ‘Shabistaan’,
in the older days.” ?
Where you left me, there
is still a little left;
brazen burn marks somewhere;
houses of clay,
‘One house of  many clays’.
“There’s everything left
to let go of tonight”.

Ruhan Madni Naqash

(For Kashmiri Pandits)
[“Nasheman” and “Shabistan” are romantic words for “home” in Urdu]