Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Rewriting Naeem Akhtar’s open letter openly

A response to the minister by creatively rewriting his text from the perspective of a common Kashmiri and a journalist

Dense fog engulfs Kashmir valley

SRINAGAR: Dense fog engulfed Kashmir valley Monday morning. Vikar Syed captures images on way from South Kashmir's Pulwama district to State's summer capital Srinagar.

Portraits of children at Indian Republic Day function in Pulwama

Vikar Syed captures portraits of children, mostly among spectators, during a function in southern Kashmir's Pulwama district hosted by the Jammu and Kashmir state authorities...

A date with harissa

Sameer Rashid Bhat Kashmir is in the lap of winters with harsh chill and some old-type snow. There’s a lull around as one dares to...

Frequently asked questions about flu / swine flu

What is influenza? Influenza or flu is a common contagious illness that spreads every year from October through winter. The symptoms are cough, fever/chills, sore...

Snowy Romance (Poem)

I'd been waiting for winterFor, numbness had grown on me.But what I feel this winterIs more than love,A snowy romanceLike crystals of happiness. This...

Key points about National Food Security Act in J&K

The Jammu and Kashmir Cabinet gave concurrence to the Government of India’s proposal for implementation of National Food Security Act (NFSA) in the State...

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