Thursday, May 23, 2019

Story behind the controversial Vista Group: The past and present

This is a first-person narrative. Links in this colour lead to relevant documents and web-pages. On the morning of October 28, hundreds of young boys and...

Data reveals Kashmir’s maternity care service in serious trouble

Nearly 75 percent women in Srinagar deliver the baby through an abdominal incision rather than a normal vaginal delivery. It is not a trend to be proud of, for all bad reasons.

Are Kashmiri separatist leaders caught in web of their own making?

Sheikh Qayoom / IANS On expected lines, Kashmiri separatist leaders issued another protest calendar on Thursday, extending the ongoing shutdown till November 17. The unrest, which...

Snow covered historic Mughal road in Kashmir

Kashmir valley witnessed moderate snowfall on Thursday, February 11. Here are some images captured by Vikar Syed (JandK Now) of historic Mughal road in southern...

Frequently asked questions about flu / swine flu

What is influenza? Influenza or flu is a common contagious illness that spreads every year from October through winter. The symptoms are cough, fever/chills, sore...

Rewriting Naeem Akhtar’s open letter openly

A response to the minister by creatively rewriting his text from the perspective of a common Kashmiri and a journalist

Frequently asked questions on dealing with various situations after floods

Issued in public interest by Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir. What are the proper methods of purifying water? Chlorination is the most effective way for purifying...

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