Sunday, December 8, 2019

Strategy for prevention of epidemic diseases in heavy rains

The Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir, on Monday issued an advisory as a strategy for prevention of epidemic proven diseases in heavy rains. The...

Poverty leaves foreign domestic-workers prone to exploitation

The workers from some other states throng Kashmir in hundreds to fill the space. They are economically backward and poverty makes them prove to exploitation.

To carry a home (poem for Kashmiri Pandits)

 When you left me,there was a curfew  for a thousand days;A thousand streets were banned;A thousand Hells Ablaze.“Why would you let go?”When a house...

Story behind the controversial Vista Group: The past and present

This is a first-person narrative. Links in this colour lead to relevant documents and web-pages. On the morning of October 28, hundreds of young boys and...

In-pics: Chilly mornings of Chillai Kalan

Fourty-day long Chillai Kalan marks the harshest days of winter in Kashmir valley. Vikar Syed captures these pictures of routine morning life while traveling between Shopian and...

Cartoons about Kashmir floods, a compilation

The following cartoons are made by renowned artist Mir Suhail during the flood fury in Kashmir. Suhail shared them on his Facebook page.

Data reveals Kashmir’s maternity care service in serious trouble

Nearly 75 percent women in Srinagar deliver the baby through an abdominal incision rather than a normal vaginal delivery. It is not a trend to be proud of, for all bad reasons.

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