Friday, January 24, 2020

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Kashmiri student falls from 4-storeyed building, needs financial support

Srinagar: Condition of an engineering student from Kashmir, who fell from the terrace of a four storeyed building in Bangalore on January 9, continues...

Zee News calls Kashmir “Indian Occupied”: A copy-paste blooper

“Shockingly, people in Indian occupied Kashmir were seen bursting crackers to celebrate Pakistan's win.”

Kashmiri author dedicates novel to victims of 2016 uprising

SRINAGAR: Eminent novelist and academician Shahnaz Bashir dedicated his second novel Scattered Souls to the victims of the ongoing uprising in Kashmir valley that began...

Shutdown extended upto Nov 17 with no major change in protest strategy

SRINAGAR: The united separatist leadership of Kashmir on Wednesday extended the ongoing shutdown by one more week, upto November 17, without any major strategic...

Shutdown to continue: Separatists say stakeholders extend ‘full support’

SRINAGAR: The separatist leadership of Kashmir, which convened a joint meeting of various ‘stakeholders’ here on Tuesday, said the participants unanimously extended support to...

Facebook page blocked for sharing top rebel commander’s statement

SRINAGAR: Facebook page of a Kashmir-based news website was temporarily blocked on Friday, a day after the website published a statement of Kashmir’s foremost...

‘Stop blinding us’ – Children carry placards in Ashura rally in Kashmir

Shi’a Muslims mark the 10th day of Muharram – first month of the Islamic calendar – as the day of Ashura to commemorate the...

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